I really love Sam and Dean Winchester, Damon Salvatore and Jesse Pinkman.

Expect a lot of Supernatural, J2, TVD, Breaking Bad and other various things of that nature mostly. Sometimes things from other favourite shows as well alongside those. Also, of course whatever I feel like. Occasionally some personal things too.

If we have any of the same interests, or you just want to talk,
My ask box is always open Anon or not.

I respect all ships. I won't hate on you for liking what you like. And I might even like the same pairing.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the gifs, edits, links, etc from shows/etc, unless I state otherwise in my post that I used it in.

"Two brothers: one of them wants to take you apart. Two brothers: one of them wants to put you back together. It’s time to choose sides now. The stitches or the devouring mouth? You want an alibi? You don’t get an alibi, you get two brothers."-Siken

do you ever think about how sam and dean used to park the car in the middle of nowhere and
and just smile to yourself bc how cute is that

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