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I mostly post stuff from my fav show: Supernatural.

I reblog a lot of Supernatural, J2, and other various things of that nature. Sometimes things from other favourite shows as well. And, of course whatever I feel like. Occasionally some personal things too. But it'll be like mostly Spn stuff.

If we have any of the same interests, or you just want to talk,
My ask box is always open Anon or not.

I respect all ships. I won't hate on you for liking what you like. And I might even like the same pairing.

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"Two brothers: one of them wants to take you apart. Two brothers: one of them wants to put you back together. It’s time to choose sides now. The stitches or the devouring mouth? You want an alibi? You don’t get an alibi, you get two brothers."-Siken


If I am ignoring you, I apologize. I become distracted and will focus on one thing a while. Sometimes I’m just emotionally overwhelmed and I have to lay down for a while. I’m not ignoring you because it’s you it’s because life is distracting and hard and so sometimes I just need to stop talking to people and sometimes I do that suddenly.

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do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows

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Sam in every episode:

1x05: Bloody Mary

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OTP meme ► Gazing/Looking at each other
∟ “When my world is falling apart, when there’s no light to break up the dark… that’s when I look at you. When the waves are flooding the shore, and I can’t find my way home any more, that’s when I look at  y o u.”

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id be far more likely to go to the beach if it was dark and cool and had wifi and had no sand or water


ahh. yes

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Tips for being an adult:

  • there are none
  • don’t become an adult
  • stay a child forever
  • Peter Pan was right

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